The Wild Places of Essex

Written and Narrated by: Robert Macfarlane

Produced and Directed by: Andrew Graham-brown

Photography: Robin Cox

Film Editor: Nigel Buck

Executive Producers: Tim Martin and Steve Greenwood


Multi award-winning writer Robert Macfarlane explores the unexpected nature of one of Britain’s most maligned counties, revealing that there’s considerably more to Essex than bad press stereotypes of white stilettos and boy racers. On his journey he finds encouraging evidence that wildness and great beauty still linger in here, making him conclude that it’s dangerously premature to write obituaries for the wild in Essex.


Based on his best-selling book, The Wild Places, Robert argues that the wild is of vital importance to our lives: “I’ve come to Essex, this most typical of English counties, to see what remains, what wildness is left.” He spends a year uncovering an alternative view of Essex, exploring what he calls “the undiscovered country of the nearby”.



The Observer, Phil Hogan,

“You couldn't keep your eyes off this flawless, poetic film. Fabulous.”


The Guardian, Lucy Mangan

“Astonishing as well as endearing images abounded..... rare is a natural history programme that is as lavish with it’s language as its pictures, but Macfarlane is a writer as well as an English don, and it shows.”


The Times, Sarah Vine

“ was a dreamy, poetic sort of affair, sustained by Macfarlanes’s intelligent, thoughtful narrative and some exquisitely beautiful, haunting photography.”


The Daily Mail, Christopher Hart

“This wasn't just a documentary about the English countryside. This was a love letter. Can we have a six-part series?”

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spacer.gif Spray paint and lichen on a seawall in EssexDead Butterfly on dusty windowsillBarn Owl in flight in EssexView through dusty shed window
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