Meerkats 3D

An OSF Production for Sky/National Geographic


Director: Andrew Graham-Brown

3D Cameraman: Robin Cox

Stereographer: Ralston Humble

Executive Producer: Caroline Hawkins


Meerkats (Suricata suricatta) are cute, funny, affectionate, amusing, cuddly, playful, fearless and unselfish. They are also vicious, ruthless, murderous, uncaring, vindictive child-killers. Their social lives, full of complexity and contradiction are what make them so fascinating and some might argue, so like us.

Oxford Scientific Films together with Cambridge University lead the world in the scientific study and filming of meerkat societies. They now bring their combined discoveries to the screen in a glorious high definition 3D documentary.


Nominated :Best 3D Film: Wildscreen Wildlife and Environmental Film Festival (Oct 2012)

Finalist: Best 3D Film: Jackson Hole Film Festival 2011


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