Lost Highway

The Road to Nashville


BBC Specialist Factual Bristol/Bravo Channel

Director: Andrew Graham-Brown

Editor: Rick Holbrook

Series Producer: William Naylor

Executive Producer: Mike Pool


Part 2 of the four-part landmark series hailed by The Times as "a fascinating road map of the genre." The series celebrates the history of country music, from its origins in the folk songs of the working classes of the South Eastern states to the multi-million dollar industry of modern Nashville

The Road to Nashville is the story of Hank Williams, country music's greatest songwriter, whose hard-drinking honky tonk lifestyle led to a rock 'n' roll style death, aged just 29, in 1953.

Williams once said, "You have to plough a lot of ground and look at the backside of a mule for a lot of years to sing a country song."


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spacer.gif Lost Highway - The road to NashvilleLost Highway - The road to Nashville Lost Highway - The road to NashvilleHank Williams - Lost Highway

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