Caught in the Moment

Series Producer: Andrew Graham-Brown

Executive Producer: Andrew Jackson

Tigress Productions for Animal Planet


A ten part, big budget wildlife series.

The next generation of Animal Planet explorers, enthusiastic naturalist Vanessa Garnick and young wildlife filmmaker Tristan Bayer - get Caught in the Moment. A 10-part series that catches rare animal behaviour on film, at critical moments in time.
Using wilderness savvy and inventive camera techniques like camera traps, cable-dollys, phantom cameras and time-lapse, Tristan and Vanessa seek out defining moments in animal life-cycles across the globe. From a rare white spirit bear feasting on spawning salmon in British Columbia to the Jesus Christ lizard of Costa Rica to endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles in the midst of their annual "arribada" when thousands of eggs are laid.


Caught in the Moment: two people running through jungle stream Lizard running across water a boat on a lake with a waterfall in  the background
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