Beast Tracker

ICON FILMS production for Animal Planet


Director: Andrew Graham-Brown

Cameraman: Robin Smith

Film editor: Darren Flaxtone

Executive Producer: Harry Marshall


Dr Andrew West, a marine biologist and environmental scientist with a specialty in resolving conflict between humans and animals goes on the trail of a living dinosaur. The Alligator - a swamp- dwelling monster equipped with up to 80 razor-sharp teeth and the most powerful bite force known to man. It’s the ultimate killing machine that can sever a human limb in the blink of an eye.

In this episode of “Beast Tracker”, he investigats how and why this cold-blooded killer continues to prey on us - and whether despite the bloodshed itʼs possible for humans and alligators to live side by side. Is the alligator really a demon – or should we be doing everything we can to ensure this ancient creature lives long into the future?

Just 50 years ago, through over hunting, this giant reptile was virtually extinct – but today, more than 4 million alligator’s prowl American waters. This film finds out the cause of this population explosion by journeying deep into the murky waters of ʻAlligator mississippiensisʼ. A prehistoric monster intrepid Spanish explorers once christened “el lagarto", ʻthe lizardʼ.

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