Austin Stevens: Snake Master

In Search of the Komodo Dragon

Tigress Productions Bristol


Series Producer/Director: Andrew Graham-Brown

Photography: Warwick Sloss - Neil Rettig - Ian Slavage

Editor: Stuart Barlow

Executive Producer: Graham Booth


The intrepid Snakemaster enters the realm of the Komodo Dragon, the largest and most ferocious lizard on the planet. His mission is to photograph giant males' spectacularly aggressive courtship displays. During part of his journey to the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Rinca and Flores, Austin sails to Cannibal Rock where he gets the chance to dive and swim with a huge Komodo Dragon - a sequence that's never been filmed before.

On his action-packed adventure, crazy man Austin sprints from a charging Komodo Dragon, demonstrating the terrifying speed of this prehistoric predator. Our man joins the blood and guts feast of eight ravenous Dragons ripping a recent kill to shreds and accepts the unenviable challenge of catching one of the Dragons to extract a sample of toxic saliva - a deadly weapon in the Komodo's awesome armory.



Tim Walker, The Independent
A herpetologist and wildlife photographer turned TV star, he invites comparisons with the late Steve Irwin, though his on-camera style is more enthusiastic expert than overgrown schoolboy.


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