Warwick Sloss

Warwick is a BAFTA Nominated cameraman with a formidable reputation for outstanding photography. In the Observer review of the AGB Films production, "Earth Pilgrim", he was singled out for his "truly spectacular cinematography".

Warwick's work in adventure, science and natural history documentaries with the BBC and other leading independents has taken him to over 40 countries. He has worked on blockbuster documentary film projects as varied as the BBC's landmark, Emmy Award winning "Planet Earth", "Ganges", “Life”, “Frozen Planet”, the James Bond feature film, "Casino Royale", "Dolphin Murders" and "Austin Stevens: The Snake Master".

He has extensive experience in documentary filming on location and in studios, moving time lapse (film and digital), macro and extreme close-up work, probe lenses, snorkels and long lenses, motion control, infrared cameras and lighting, Steadicam, helicopter and fixed wing aerials, wild/dangerous animals, extreme environments, and much more.


Warwick won the Award for Cinematography on the AGB Films production 'Earth Pligrim' at the Wildscreen International Film Festival in 2008.





spacer.gif Warwick Sloss - Lighting Cameraman at AGB FilmsWarwick Sloss - Shooting on location in Africa
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