Nigel Buck

AGB Films owes a massive debt to Nigel Buck, an alchemist and master film editor who has worked on virtual every AGB Films production. In 2012, Nigel won the BAFTA Craft Award for his editing on the BBC landmark series, "Frozen Planet". In 2011, Nigel won the Editing Award at Wildscreen International Film Festival for his work on the AGB Films production, “The Wild Place of Essex”. Nigel has edited documentaries and wildlife programmes for BBC, ITV, Channel Four, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Animal Planet.

His programmes have included countless BBC ‘Natural Worlds', “Galapagos”, “Wildlife on One”, ‘“The Nile”, “Muscle”, “Moonshot - ‘The spirit of '69”, “A World in Arms”, “Ray Mears’ Extreme Survival”, as well as commercials and short films.

These productions have received numerous awards in both Europe and the USA - Missoula International Film Festival, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, The International Film and Television Festival of New York, Royal Television Society and a Grierson Award in 2005.

Nigel edited two films for the BBC Natural History Unit's landmark : "Life" and he edited the winter episode of BBC Natural History Unit's BAFTA award-winning “Yellowstone” series. He is the film editor for AGB Films productions such as “Mississippi: Tales of the Last River Rat”, “Earth Pilgrim”, “The Wild Places of Essex”, ‘“Panda Makers” and “Kangaroo Dundee”.


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