Neil Rettig

Four times EMMY Award winner, Neil Rettig is a renowned cinematographer and conservationist. He is regarded as one of the finest natural history filmmakers in the world. and he received one of his EMMYS for his cinematography on the AGB Films' Production, "Mississippi: Tales of the Last River Rat".

Neil Rettig began his career in the mid 1970's after attending the Chicago academy of Fine Arts. His early films were some of the first music videos. These films were shot on super 8 and opened the world of creative filmmaking to Neil.

Over the past four decades Neil has contributed to the production of hundreds of films, including IMAX Productions, National Geographic Specials, and Science Documentaries.

During his career working for the BBC, National Geographic, and other production companies, Neil has traveled all around the world and has visited some of the most remote habitat on the planet, including a long stint in the Arctic and years in the tropical rain forests - New Guinea, the Congo to remote areas of the Amazon. Rettig is well known for his innovative camera work - moving the camera from forest floor to canopy and 'flying the camera’ through the forest with cable dollies.

Neil Rettig is also a scuba diver, Master Falconer, accomplished still photographer, and animal trainer. When not traveling, he lives on a farm in rural southwestern Wisconsin.


spacer.gif Neil Rettig with a Harpy EagleNeil Rettig filming in the bush
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