Folk the BNP

Director: Evie Wright

Executive Producer: Andrew Graham-Brown


This film is currently in production. AGB Films is now looking for a UK broadcaster to commission this documentary.


In the run up to the general election, at a time when unemployment and immigration provoke impassioned debate, this wry and witty film explores ideas of Englishness, tradition and homeland through the unexpected and bizarre juxtaposition of folk and fascism.

Folk the BNP is a quirky and poignantly sound-tracked film that leads viewers though the industrial and rural landscapes of England. It’s a journey to discover why the far right is now affiliates with a music that is traditionally associated with the liberal left.

We meet the folk musicians who are fighting to stop the BNP from misappropriating their music and ask Nick Griffin why he thinks Morris Dancing and the BNP are perfect partners.

It’s a documentary that combines evocative archive with compelling landscape photography of England’s towns, cities and countryside, as well as actuality and interviews from ‘both sides’ during the run-up to one of Britain’s most heavily contested elections: a tinderbox, where race and nationality top of the political agenda.


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